Karni Mata Fair


Karni Mata Fair

Among all the destinations in India, Rajasthan is considered the most famous when it comes to ancient tales, heritage and culture, apart from being known for its forts and palaces. Of all the enchanting festivals and melas, Karni Mata Fair draws a huge attention from people all over the world. The festival holds divine importance in the lives of Hindus and is a major tourist attraction in Rajasthan.


Karni Mata Fair is a festival in India, dedicated entirely to Karni Mata, a reincarnated sacred figure of Goddess Durga. Worshipping her is considered auspicious by the people in the country, since she holds a place of honour and value in the lives and traditions of Hindus, along with possessing certain supernatural powers.




The fair is held twice a year, predominantly in Deshnok, which is approximately 30 KM away from Bikaner. The first festival/fair is held in the month(s) of March/April, during Navratri. The fair during this season is a dazzling affair and a rather grand one in comparison to the second fair that is held in the month(s) of October/November, during the second Navratri celebrated across the country.


The fair is organized by the Committee around the holy shrine in Deshnok itself, around which people come and worship the Goddess, pray for good fortune, health, and prosperity in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.


The fair features a large number of religious and cultural programmes, that is a true display of their faith and devotion towards Karni Mata. The Temple premises is open to the devotees from 4:00 AM every day, where they can offer their respect and puja to the Goddess. Goddess, during the festival is beautifully adorned in festive clothing and jewellery along with garlands. Puja performed by the temple priest is followed by Aarti, and offering of Bhog to the Deity.


The fair attracts a large number of people, who come to get a magnified look on the rich opulence and culture that is celebrated during this time in the country. The beautiful architecture of the temple is also something that draws a large amount of attention from global tourists. Marble, silver, and intricate stone work, the Temple architecture truly is as mesmerizing as Karni Mata herself. The beauty of the temple and the grandeur of the festival truly does justice to the divinity and majesticness of Karni Mata.